• Safe & Natural Holi Gulal with a Pleasant Organic Aroma

    Rang barse...
    Yes its colors everywhere! Our Herbal Gulal is a perfect blend of organic and natural extracts of fruits, leaves, and barks with a fusion of flowers and herbs that add up an excellent aroma in the air setting up the stage for the joyous festival that is just round the corner.
    FD&C approved color.

  • Skin-friendly & completely Non-Toxic Holi Powder

    Rang de gulaal mohe...
    With an expertise of our skilled team and rigorous research, we have come up with a superior quality Herbal Gulal powder that is 100% natural and organic and is absolutely skin-friendly. Our organic Holi colours contain the natural extracts of organic ingredients that perfectly suit your skin and keep you truly beautiful even when your face is all smeared with Holi colors.
    FD&C approved color.

  • Free of Chemical Agents & Synthetic Elements

    Holi aayii re!!!
    Copper sulphate, Lead Oxide, benzene, and blah blah chemicals are all that our Holi Colors DON'T have. Enriched with the high quality natural extracts of flowers, fruits, leaves, and so on, our Herbal Gulal does not contain any harmful chemical or synthetic ingredient that affects human health leaving you completely free to revel with Holi colors in the festive season.
    FD&C approved color.

  • Absolutely Natural & Eco Friendly Holi Colour

    Holi khele Raghuvira...
    We are ardent nature lovers. Yes, and keeping this love alive, we have formulated a Holi powder that is loaded with the goodness of naturally extracted herbs and plants thus keeping our mother nature protected against any chemical hazards and environmental threats.
    FD&C approved color.

  • Quick to Clean & Wash Away

    Holi re Holi!!!
    Safe to apply and quick to wash is all we desire when it comes to Holi colors. Containing the purest form of natural and herbal extracts, our organic Holi colour is quick and easy to get washed away leaving an irresistible aroma and a natural shine on your face.
    FD&C approved color.

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Customized Packaging

  • Pouches: 70 gm and 100 gm
  • Drum: 50 kg
  • Drum: 25 Kg
  • Gunny Bags: 5 kg Bag
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Herbal Gulal
Herbal Gulal offered by us is tested on diverse parameters by our technical In-House R&D team of skilled professionals. Our Gulal is a pure natural extraction of leaves, fruits and barks with a unique blend of flowers and herbs which make the product non-toxic, eco-friendly and perfectly suit your skin for the colors of festivities while adding alluring aroma in the mood. Lustrous Herbal Gulal is easy to clean and washed away with water and its pure natural ingredients make the product environment friendly during the celebration. Packaging - 500gms Bucket ( include 5 pouches 100gm each)


Most of the Indian Gulal Industry developed Gulal Powder in Northern India Region where color powder is made by wet mixing process and dried in open sun on agricultural land which attract several biological impurities and fungus. However, AMA exclusively developed Gulal Powder through the dry mixing process on almost all the color powder formulation. It has been dried using electric operated dryers and tested in our in- house microbiological lab to specify that the product is not contained any biological impurities and bacteria that can cause any problem to the user. For this formulation our patent is in the process for confirmation.

Journey so far

Our Color History...!

"Green is the prime Color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises."

~ Pedro Calderon de la Barca

We AMA Herbal, one of the renowned Manufacturers and Suppliers of Holi colors for festive occasions and other events in India, strongly believes in the color Green as it is the prime color we received from the treasure of the mother Earth to extract all the hues of Herbal Gulal.

Nature's beauty is full of colors within which we can discover hidden science in the spirit of nature. Our professionally skilled dedicated team of In-House R&D has been continuously working since its beginning for the discovery of treasures hidden inside the "Color Beauty" for Holi Color Powder.

First in the race- Our skilled team of technocrats had made innovations in the extraction of natural color plants process to confer the natural color to its desired customers. However, we had started manufacturing organic Holi colours that is basically made out of Vegetable Waste derived from the Extraction of Natural Textile Dyes. The success of making Herbal Gulal powder led our journey as a manufacturer and supplier of Safe Color Powder for color races and events in the year 2012.

After the success of Herbal Gulal, our skilled team started working for the innovations for every season. The team had come up with the Glow Powder for night parties in the subsequent year 2013-14. Our continued race for Safe Color bought extravagant results for our third season, 2014-15 with Shine Powder & Face Paint.

To add more fun on the run our skilled team of technocrat are working 24X7 to arrive with more innovations in our product range for the runners.

Seasonal Variations of color powder and other products by our In - House R&D -

1St Season - Year - 2012-13 - Regular Powder
2nd Season - Year - 2013-14 - Glow Powder, Neon Powder
3rd Season - Year - 2014-15 - Shine Powder, Face Paint and Liquid Paste
4th Season - Year - 2015 - Glitter paste in tubes
5th Season - Year - 2015 - Liquid Glow Paint
6th Season - Behind the curtain.

Global Supplies

AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited, an ISO:9001:2008 certified company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Color Powder for Color races & events organized internationally. Our Color Powder or Holi Color Powder is specially formulated for the Color Races or Color Events. These are typically 5 Km races in which participants are showered with color powder or holi color powder where different colors are used after every kilometer. The product is widely used in the races or events organized in the USA, Europe and South East Asian Countries like Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong & Indonesia. We offered Color Powder for Color Events, Night Parties and also to the Hollywood Color Demand. Today, AMA has about to 60% of the market share of color powder or holi color powder across the globe.

See below the pinned countries on the world map:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How safe is your color to be used during Holi and other occasions?
Ans.) Our Herbal Holi colour is a natural and eco-friendly product that fulfils all safety parameters and conforms to EU Regulation that makes it the safest color to be used during Holi and other festivities.

Q2) Is it safe for children?
Ans.) Yes, our organic Holi colours are made out of natural ingredients making it safe for children.

Q3) How can we wash off the color after using it?
Ans.) Our professionally skilled In-House R&D team has developed the organic Holi colours with unique formulation that makes our Herbal Gulal powder easy to wash or easy to clean with water.

Q4) How is Herbal Gulal powder non-combustible?
Ans.) Our Professionally Skilled dedicated team of In-House R&D has developed the product while conforming to all safety parameters that makes the product exclusively Non Combustible and Safest Ever to use during Holi and other occasions.

Q5) Can you customize different shades of colors as per our requirements?
Ans.) Yes, our technically efficient R&D team is professional enough to customize your specific color requirement.

Q6) Do you accept small orders?
Ans.) Yes we have been accepting small orders too.

Q7) What is so unique about your products?
Ans.) Our product is natural and eco-friendly and specially formulated keeping in mind the importance of health and environment which form its unique attributes.

Q8) Do you accept debit or credit card?
Ans.) Yes we are accepting through Paypal gateway.

Q9) Is your product environment friendly or eco-friendly?
Ans.) Yes our Holi colour is environment friendly and bio degradable because it is made out of natural ingredients.

Q10) What do we need to do in case the Holi color gets into our eyes?
Ans.) Wash your eyes immediately with normal water.

Q11) Do you offer customized packaging?
Ans.) We can definitely cater to your needs in case you have different specifications of packaging.

Q12) Can you handle the delivery of large orders at our door step and make logistic arrangements to deliver large regular order in containers to various locations across the globe?
Ans.) Yes, we provide doorstep service for large orders and cater logistic arrangements to deliver large regular order in container across the globe.

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About AMA Herbal Laboratories

AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited, an ISO: 9001: 2008 certified company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Herbal Gulal for festive occasions and various other events in India. With an expertise of our technically skilled In-House R&D team, we offer the most superior quality of natural Herbal Gulal that is tested on diverse parameters before it reaches out to our customers.

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