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Colour your hair without chemical

AMA Herbal is leading manufacturer and exporter of Extract form of Natural Dyes for textile application in India.

Years of combined efforts and technical knowledge of AMA Herbal and Saba Botanical of USA has resulted in the unique formulation called Vegetal Bio Colour.

The product is based on world renown natural dyes like Henna, Manjistha, Catechu, coffee and Indigo. These Natural Dyes has history of there use since BC.

In fact before invention of first chemical colour in 1856 by Parkins in Germany, natural dyes were the only dyes used for dyeing and colouring of textile and hair by mankind.

Using our knowledge of Herbal extract and natural Dyes we have combined these natural extracts with henna to produce various colour without using any chemical at any stage of application.
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Vegetal Bio Colour
is presently available in following colours:

Replies to a few Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Lasting 2-3 weeks. For best results repeat in 15 days.
2. Good gray hair coverage. If you have more than 25% gray, result will come in two applications. You can repeat application after 24 hour to 5-6 Days.
3. No need to wait for henna or chemical colour to come off. You can use Vegetal on any kind of colour.

About Your Hair

Human Hair is a protein fiber made of two layers. The inner layer called cortex contains melanin. Melanin is a pigment which gives your hair shades of blonde, black, auburn or brown. Cortex is covered by another layer called cuticle. Cuticle provides protection to cortex and lusture to your hair. Cuticle is inert in nature so it cannot biologically or chemically absorb any colour.

Mechanism of Hair Colouring

By Chemical Colour: Most of the chemical colour contain bleaching agents such as Ammonia and/or peroxide which damage the outer most layer and create capillaries in hair shaft. The pPD base chemical colour fils these capillaries, enter in inner layer and stick as permanent colour. The next application again does the same on hair shaft. This results in loss of strength, roughness and permanent damage to hair & some time increases number of white hair.

By Natural Colour: Natural colours hair by coating the hair shaft. It provides thickness to hair and stay stick as a semi permanent colour. The next application again does the same and results as increase in strength and shine to your hair. This layer act as protective gear to your hair.
This is why chemical colour can not colour your hair that effectively when you have Henna on your hair.

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Chemicals in hair dye are harmful.
Be careful
while selecting your hair colour.

Most of the Hair Colour / Hair Dye / Black Henna / Herbal base colours, etc contain pPD (Paraphenylene diamine). This pPD is the main chemical colour. It enters your hair with Ammonia and / or peroxide. It thins and damages and weaken your hair.

Red Alert

Reactions caused by pPD:

  • Dermatitis to the upper eyelids or the rims of the ears.

  • Reddening and swelling of the scalp & face.

  • Black circles around eyes, scalp & cheek

  • The eyelids may completely close in certain case.

People working with PPD such as
hairdressers may develop
dermatitis on their hands.

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