We source various rawmaterials exclusively through Soil Association and ECOCERT accredited channels. The successful ECOCERT inspections since three years have proved that we offer organic, natural, and sustainably sourced certifications forour products.



"AMA ensures pure precision from source to seal through a stringent set of procedures and quality checks designed by the highly professional Quality Assurance team. The team assesses products at every single step. These commence from the time the raw material enters the plant and continues till the time the final product is dispatched for delivery. Each batch of raw material, packaging material, and other materials are tested against various specifications"


  Follows Strict Quality Management System which has been developed and powered with 22 years of expertise.
  Strict in-house auditing system.
  Strict documentation practices.
  Analytical Test Method development & validation for the formulations.
  Expertise in Various Compliance and audits like Ecocert, ISO etc.

AMA Group Co-Founder and CEO Mr. Yawer Ali Shah had taken an initiative to develop natural dyes, when world debating over the ban on AZO dyes, and come up with a solution "Extract form of Natural Dyes" in the year 1996.

Mr. Yawer Ali Shah

CEO AMA Herbal Groups

MD AMA Group Mr. Masood Zaidi is a key planner to bring better life, better future and healthy living in the common life with care of natural products since the year 1996.

Mr. Masood Zaidi

Managing Director