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Natural Dye Manufacturer & Supplier | GOTS Certified Dyes


In the 90s, there was a time when the colourant industry disturbed the “Rhythm of the Earth”. At that point of time, we AMA Herbal visualized the crisis and started research and development on natural and herbal products and their commercialization.

As a result, AMA Herbal had brought out the solution to the problem and launched its first research product “Extract form of Natural Dyes” in 1996.

AMA Herbal is the world Leader in Natural Textile Dyes and today the only successful and commercialized company dealing in extract form of natural dyes formulation and have been saving the environment from the use of chemical. Our herbal products are the result of our dedicated and professionalized in-house R&D team who is responsible for making eco friendly and trusted products for the consumers.

Company follows “Best Out of Waste” practice and preserves environment from industrial discharge. On the other hand, we develop unique products for water conservation at the time when the world is debating over every dip of the tap. We emphasize on environmental protection at every stage of production of goods and services. Our company’s concept is organic and herbal that reflects in our products manufacturing processes and design.

To understand our company’s concept you must go through this.........

Why We Do It?

“For” the Wellness of the people for better life, better future & healthy living today, tomorrow & forever.

How We Do It?

We produce best natural environmental friendly products from our own ongoing R&D programme. We make them user friendly, reasonably priced for the benefit of the people and humanity.

What We Do?

Extract Form of Natural Dyes- We produce purified and standardized quality of extract form of natural dyes for textile industry. We predominantly focused on Natural Indigo which is extensively used in Denim Business. Our products are certified on Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Version VI by Control Union of Netherlands.

Hair Dye- Of the total hair dye users in the world 5% of them are reported to be suffering from allergies due to harmful PPD content in hair colouring products. Thanks to our In-House R&D who has developed world’s first PPD free Vegetal Bio Hair Colour, that is 100% natural formulation of herbal extracts. Vegetal Bio Colour does not only colour your hair naturally but also contains medicinal properties for Nourishing, Repairing & Strengthening of your hair shaft.

The success story of Vegetal Bio Colour encourages us to develop many more products in Hair Care & Skin Care range and the list is counting for the new developed innovations..........

Natural Herbal Gulal:

Vegetal Herbal Gulal is a formulation of all skin friendly natural ingredients and satisfies all quality parameters of cosmetic standard as per the European Union regulations. We have certified 20 colours in this range and our products are well expected and appreciated by its large users in the USA, Europe and Asian Countries.