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Natural Dye Manufacturer & Supplier | GOTS Certified Dyes


AMA Lives by its Vision:

Rhythm is extremely important whether it is a musical symphony or our life. When rhythm gets disturbed things do not fall in place properly. Similarly, Nature has also its rhythm, and when rhythm of natural resources gets disturbed, disastrous events may occur.
Chemical dyes had captured 99% of market share in Textile Industry during 1960-to-1990. Though, there were few artistic souls and cottage industries like Carpet and Handloom that were still using the natural dyes. It was the time where people were not aware of the fact that they are gradually disturbing the natural rhythm by polluting natural resources.
There is an old saying that ‘you don’t feel problem until you feel the pain’. Similar scenario took place when natural balance was disturbed and people started experiencing unexpected natural events such as global warming, increasing air pollution, polluted water resources etc. it was just a beep before an alarming situation.Therefore, in mid 90s people started realizing that using chemical color has disturbed the natural rhythm of Earth.
Emergence of AMA Herbal: People realized, but nothing revolutionary was done to maintain the natural balance. The very first ban on AZO dyes came from Germany in 1995. At that crucial point, Mr. Yawer Ali Shah and Mr. Masood Ahmad Zaidi envisioned the upcoming environmental hazard and crisis. They decided to begin Research and Development on natural and herbal products for creating a viable commercial option that was 100% natural. Mr. Yawer Ali Shah was responsible for that innovative project and Mr. Zaidi took care the funding of it. This is how AMA HERBAL LABORATORIES PVT. LTD came into existence.
The First Milestone: In 1996, AMA herbal launched its very first research product “Extract form of Natural Dyes”. We worked persistently on improving the quality of our products until it gained acceptance in the Textile Industry.
AMA Herbal has become the global leader in Natural Textile Dyes. It is the only company successful in commercialization of extract form of natural dyes formulation. This initiative is destined to contribute for saving environment from harmful chemicals.