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Textile Industry has achieved new heights in recent past. Competition has become stiffer now; therefore, making the best use of available resources is quite essential. In order to complete the increasing demand of textile dyeing, most of the entities prefer synthetic dyes. It may seem right and cost efficient on the go, but it is denting sustainability quite heavily.

AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited has come up with a natural and effective solution for maintaining sustainability. It is focused on Industrial consumption of natural dyes. New is always exciting and when it is innovative and eco-friendly then it is like icing on the cake. AMA has developed plenty of new processes of dyeing with natural dyes on modern dyeing machine.

Along with that, we have also developed wide range of Textile Auxiliaries that are especially crafted for natural dyes to meet constantly increasing demand of textile industry.

CERTIFICATION : Our natural dyes have got prestigious certifications all around the world. Natural dyes extracted at AMA Herbals are certified on-

                   Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Version VI by Control Union of Netherlands

                   Reach Compliance (European Union)

                   Dubai Municipal Corporation

                   Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)

                   Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India

Utility of our Natural Dyes

Generating Rural Employment with ‘Best out of Waste Practice’

It is quite satisfying when you become a helping hand for someone. AMA herbal is not only destined to preserve natural resources but also generating new possibilities for rural employment. We have come up with BEST OUT OF WASTE practice after making the extract form of natural dyes in final stage of manufacturing goods and services.
The raw material for natural dyes is collected from forests mostly and its left-over comes in for industrial as well as domestic purposes. All this activity generates employment opportunities for people in rural areas. Natural Indigo and Madder are cultivated especially for Natural Dyes and it opens doors for employment opportunities to the farmers.
As the name clarifies Natural Dyes are extracted from natural resources and the waste of it can be a good fuel-source for the rural people. We at AMA Herbal produce the finest natural and eco-friendly products and our state of the art R&D program ensures that we do BEST OUT OF WASTE practice along with generating rural employment.

Medicinal Features : Most of the natural sources for extracting natural dyes have their place in Indian Ayurveda since ancient times. These natural resources have amazing anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and astringent properties that may be quite useful for clothing related to daily necessities such as towels, undergarments, and bed-sheets, etc.
People around the globe have become more active about their health and having medicinal properties in day-to-day clothing can be quite effective
Our distinct process of extraction delivers the most standardized form of natural dyes that are ready-to-use in extract form.

Our Range of Extract Form Of Natural Dyes Include:

1)    Bio Indigo® : Natural Dye From Plant Indigoferra tinctoria

2)    Insect® : Natural Dye From Rhizome of Rheum emodi

3)    Bee® : Natural Dye From Acacia catechu

4)    Mallow® : Natural Dye From Plant Punica granatum

5)    Kareel® : Natural Dye From Terminalia chebula

6)    Nimbus® : Natural Dye From Kerria lacca

7)    Rubia® : Natural Dye From Rubia cardifolia

8)    Yeliona : Natural Dye From Tegetas erecta, Butea monosperma.

9)    Leafy Green : Natural Dye From Leaves of Mulberry Tree (aka Morus Alba) 

Below is the chart given of our extract form of natural dyes and their suitable application on the Industrial Machines :

 Natural textile Dyes for Industrial use

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1. Natural Textile Dyes Shade Card Of Cotton
2. Natural Textile Dyes Shade Card Of Wool