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In this grooming colourful world, word “textile” is derived from the Latin word of “taxere”. Textile is the sphere of apparels covering the living part of your life. Textile Industry is rich in its history and influenced economical growth for making large addition into it.  Wool we get from sheep was first of its kind which converted into fabric. We Indians are sharing a golden space in history for inventing “Spinning Wheel”, i.e. operating by hands, and hence after it was extended whole in the Europe.

Textile Industry required different kinds of hues to make it flourish and henceforth, one of its essential hues from the rainbow is dyeing of fabrics in designer stuff used by artisans all over the world.

Dyers used Natural Dyes until the synthetic dyes covered up the centre stage in the nineteenth century. World’s first chemical dye was discovered in the 1856 by an English Chemist Dr.William Henry Perkin. He started factory near London to provide synthetic dyes to the world over.

At present curtains are rising up as we are Returning back to accept the historical ways of creating magic. Even artisans in our country are following an eco-friendly trend and resolving traditional craft in their work with the care of natural dyes.

Therefore, in this “Wheel of Change” large voice is taking momentum for using natural dyes in fabric designing. Utilization of “Natural Dyes” in the developing countries has also been generating an employment for the poor in rural areas.

In India, we find abundant resources of natural herbs and medicinal plants that have been utilized since the ages to cure diseases. Therefore, this eco friendly activity in this “Wheel of Change” leaves us around the splendid beauty of nature in the shell of the mother earth.

“International Workshop on Natural Dyes 2014” in Hyderabad, was held with the theme of “Natural Dyes” use in fabric designing by artisans. AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited, world leader in extract form of natural dyes and the only commercialized company of making natural dyes in extract form, received tremendous response on that International Podium where “Natural Artisans” came from across the world to join hands for the noble cause to generate employment in the developing countries by using natural dyes in textile.

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