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Natural Dye Manufacturer & Supplier | GOTS Certified Dyes


Textile Auxiliaries are an essential part of the Textile Industry. When it comes to Natural Textile Dyes, industry required especially designed auxiliaries that are rare to find to meet the requirements of the industry.

Extract Form of Natural Dyes Makers, AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited, presents its exclusive range of “Natural Textile Auxiliaries” for Textile Industry. These are especially designed products to meet the requirements of the industry in the world of environmental friendly natural dyes.

Our absolute range of Natural Textile Auxiliaries give desired results and are unique in their own for dyeing with naturals and provide excellent pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing in the process. These are mentioned below and are available here at competitive prices.        

1. VegePlusTM

2. VegePlus BSTM

3. VegeDisperseTM

4. VegeSuperTM

5. VegeFixTM

6. VegeSoftTM

7. VegeDeepTM

8. VegeSmartTM