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Environmental Friendly Textile Finishing Agent

Because WE worth Every Drop of Water!!

VegeBactTM Saves Water & Decreases Frequency Between Two Washes

Today, world is struggling to save water to secure themselves from future water scarcity.  Though, we are taking steps to secure our future from the dearth of water but neglecting the relevant fact that washing of denim also consumes a lot more water than what we expect. Body heat, sweat, dirt and environmental pollution form bacteria that stick on denim and trigger skin allergies which make people necessary to wash their denim.

To counteract the problem we have a product available that reduce washing need of denim by forming an antibacterial layer on that.  Now people can stay away from skin allergies without washing their denim with VegeBactTM

AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited presents VegeBactTM an antibacterial environmental friendly product with natural extracts for denim finishing. It penetrates into the product and forms an antibacterial layer on the surface of denim and saves it from bacterial attack despite body heat and sweat.

Test result by SGS Lab confirms that VegeBactTM  reduces bacteria formation by 80.23%. It decreases frequency between two washes of denim. In other words, denim that needs to be washed out after 10 wearing, VegeBactTM makes it liable to wash after 18 wearing with 80% guarantee of removing bacteria formation. VegeBactTM  affects last up to 15 washes.