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Natural Dye Manufacturer & Supplier | GOTS Certified Dyes


We AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited focused on industrial consumption of extract form of natural dyes. We have developed several new processes of dyeing with natural dyes which are unique in their own. We are the only natural dyes manufacturing company who has gained success of its use in industrial application.

We also have developed range of auxiliaries that are especially made for natural dyes and are not available anywhere else.

Our speciality process of extraction has been able to deliver most standardized form of superior quality of natural dyes for ready to use in extract form.

 1)    Bio Indigo® : Natural Dye From Plant Indigoferra tinctoria

 2)    Insect® : Natural Dye From Rhizome of Rheum emodi

 3)    Bee® : Natural Dye From Acacia catechu

 4)    Mallow® : Natural Dye From Plant Punica granatum

 5)    Kareel® : Natural Dye From Terminalia chebula

 6)    Nimbus® : Natural Dye From Kerria lacca

 7)    Rubia® : Natural Dye From Rubia cardifolia

 8)    Rennet : Natural Dye From Quercus Infectoria

 9)    Yeliona : Natural Dye From Tegetas erecta & Butea Monosperma

10)   Leafy Green : Natural Dye From Morus alba