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Mallow®: Natural Dye From Plant Punica granatum

Common Name: Pomegranate
Botanical Name: Punica granatum 
Natural Dye: Yellow Dye Stuff for textile/Khaki

When we can extract color from natural resources then why we should go for synthetic dyes. Mallow® is the natural dye extracted from peel of Pomegranate (Punica granatum). It provides Yellow, Khaki and Grey color and changes with pretreatment auxiliary change in the dyeing process.

Is it worth using? : Yes, it is. Textile industry has topped the list of the most pollution-emerging Industries and it is polluting natural resources (like air, water etc.) to a great extent. Textile dyed with Mallow® carries anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and astringent properties. Therefore, textile dye treated with Mallow® can be helpful in reducing the impact of natural imbalance we have created unknowingly.

Where the inspiration came from? : Since primitive times, Pomegranate tree is being used as a medicinal plant. Demand for textile dye is increasing at a surprising pace and using synthetic dye will certainly invite disaster one day. Peel of Pomegranate can be utilized for natural textile dyes. With a vision maintain the natural sustainability AMA Herbals created Mallow® Natural Dye from Pomegranate Peel.
It’s time for us to care for our air and water resources. If we continue to pollute them, we don’t deserve to wish a health life. Let’s go for the natural dye and say bye to chemicals.