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Bee® : Natural Dye From Acacia catechu

Common Name: Catechu
Botanical Name: Acacia catechu
Natural Dye: Brown dye stuff for textile

Source : This natural dye is extracted from wood of Acacia Catechu Tree. The Acacia Catechu is also known as Senegalia catechu. In Hindi, it is called ‘Katha’. One of its popular names is Khair in Indian subcontinent. It is usually available in an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level in India. Jammu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar etc. are the states where Acacia Catechu trees grow.

Color : It provides Brown Color and changes with change of pretreatment auxiliary dyeing process.

Why use this natural dye? : It gives completely natural and unique Brown color for dyeing cotton, wool, and silk. This natural dye is quite simple to use for textile and provides light fast and wash-fast effects ideal for dyeing.
Along with that, Textile dyed with Bee® has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and astringent properties.

The ‘Best out of Waste’ practice : After Obtaining Katha, its waste is known as Cutch and we utilize this waste to extract the Brown color.

The Ancient Connection : Acacia Catechu is being efficiently utilized since ancient times due to its medicinal properties. It was also in use during Pre-Mughal and Mughal History.
Using Natural Dyes can be a game changer in long run. Today’s initiative of using natural dyeing colors will certainly make a positive impact on maintaining the natural balance along with preventing natural water and air resources from being polluted.