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Rubia® : Natural Dye From Rubia cordifolia

Common Name : Madder
Botanical Name : Rubia cordifolia
Natural Dye : Gives Red, Pink and Orange Colour

Source : Rubia® natural dye is extracted from roots and rhizomes of Rubia® cordifolia (also known as Indian madder or Common Madder). Rubia® cordifolia is known as Manjistha or Majith in commonly.

Color : It provides Red, Pink and Orange color and changes with change of pretreatment auxiliary dyeing process. Rubia® Cordifolia Extract carries Phytochemicals, Purpurin, Manjestin, Alizarin, and Pseudopurpurin that provides Red Color in different tones.

Utility of Rubia® Natural Dye : It has anti-bacterial, anti microbial and astringent properties.
Natural Dyeing colors are not just in demand; in fact they are the need of current scenario, where natural resources are seriously dented. It’s time to make a move towards natural dyeing colors for improving sustainability.