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Nimbus® : Natural Dye From Kerria lacca

Common Name : Lac
Botanical Name : Kerria lacca
Natural Dye : Red and Violet Dye Stuff for textile

Source : Nimbus® is water-soluble dyestuff extracted from sticks of Kerria lacca (species of insect in Kerriidae family).
Initially shellac is expected from dead insect. Then left once lac mud (waste product of lac processing), which had no utilities otherwise is used to extract Lac dye Nimbus®.

Color : Nimbus® Natural Dye provides Red and Violet color and changes as per pretreatment auxiliary dyeing process.
Lack is in use since prehistoric period due to its amazing properties. Again, we can see that nature has provided us a liberty to make colors by utilizing natural resources rather than making chemical-rich synthetic dyes.