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Kareel® : Natural Dye From Terminalia chebula

Common Name: Myrobolan
Botanical Name: Terminalia chebula
Natural Dye: Greenish yellow dyestuff and natural mordant for textile

Source : Kareel® natural dye is extracted from of the Terminalia chebula (also known as Myrobolan). It primarily grows in the great Himalayas, India.

Color : This mordant category natural dye provides Yellow, Khaki and Grey color and changes with change of pretreatment auxiliary dyeing process. When it is used for dyeing, it gives buttery yellow color.

Additional Useful features : Textile dyed with Kareel® has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and astringent properties.

Are we compelled to use natural dyes? No, not at all, nature has never compelled us to do so; but we should understand as a human being that if we continue using synthetic dyes for textile, outcomes of it will not be good for mankind.
Nature always keeps everything in balance, and we are unknowingly disturbing such balance by using chemicals. Therefore, to maintain sustainability, we should go for natural dyes.