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Insect®: Natural Dye From Rhizome of Rheum emodi

Common Name: Himalayan rhubarb
Botanical Name: Rheum emodi
Natural Dye: Yellow Dye Stuff for Textile/ Light Brown

Source : Insect® natural dye is made from rhizome of Rheum emodi (commonly known as Himalyan Rhubarb). This plant is usually found in alpine and sub-alpine of Himalayas at an altitude of 4000 meters.
This herb carries medicinal properties and it is used in Unani medicine system since a long time and formerly in European medicine system as well.

Color : It provides Bright Yellow, Brown color and changes with the change of pre-treatment auxiliary dyeing process.

Rheum emodi or Himalayan rhubarb is a conventional natural dye used for textile. It makes bright yellow and brown colour and obtains an odoriferous property.

Along with having medicinal properties, it also carries anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

From great Himalayas to the tropical forests, nature has provides us sources to generate natural dyes. So, there is no point in continuing with harmful synthetic dyes. If we really want to conserve goodness of nature for our future generations, then we need to take right steps in present. So, go for natural dyes and contribute your part for preserving nature.