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AMA Herbal - Natural Indigo Denim Manufacturer

Source:This natural Dye is extracted from a plant named ‘Indigofera tinctoria’.

Common Name: Natural Indigo
Botanical Name: Indigofera tinctoria
Natural Dye: Blue Dye Stuff for textile

Why Bio Indigo:® Nature has always poured its goodness on us. But, are we doing enough for nature? How we are showing our gratitude?? Yes, by disturbing the natural balance, by increasing the CO2 omissions, by increasing the toxicity level of water resources, and by leaving a heap of hazardous waste behind.

We all, never wish to hurt nature knowingly; therefore, AMA has come up with BIO INDIGO® Natural Dye extracted from Indigofera Tinctoria Plant. This amazing plant is being used since ancient times as there were no synthetic dyes in that period.

Utility of Indigo Plant:It is simply amazing to know that natural Indigo has the capability of increasing the fertility level of a land. That’s why we have come up with #my responsibility initiative in which AMA herbal will plant an Indigo Plant on purchase of each denim colored with Bio Indigo® Natural Dye.

Bio Indigo® is best suited for: Bio Indigo® provides deep blue color on cotton, silk and wool. Especially, it is sustainable for denim production. Denim made with Bio Indigo® has higher benefits for planet earth & business too. Indigo blue add excellent cut effect tones by designers.

How Dyeing can be done: Dyeing can be colored by Hand Dyeing, Rope Dyeing, and Slasher Dyeing.

What makes it different from the rest: Bio Indigo® is the only powder form of Indigo certified on GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD (GOTS) Version VI by highly renowned Control Union of Netherlands. Every gram of its consumption benefits planet earth.