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Leafy Green: Natural Dye From Mulberry Tree

Common Name : Mulberry Tree
Botanical Name : Morus Alba
Natural Dye : Dark Green Dye stuff for textile

Source : Leaves of Mulberry Tree (aka Morus Alba)

Color : Leafy Green Natural Dye provides Dark Green color.

Application : for dyeing wool, silk and cotton.

Why use Leafy Green: It carries higher compatibility with the environment. Due to existing environmental consciousness using natural dyes for textile materials is certainly a smarter move. With better biodegradability and astonishing color effects, Leafy Green is perfectly fit for the purpose.

Mulberry Tree mainly comes in use for two purposes -

     - Mulberry fruit for juice and its multiple health benefits.
    - Secondly, for silk farming, silk as we all know is one of the most precious fibers. Silk worms are cultivated on Mulberry Trees. This process is quite significant for us as silk-worms eat the leaves of Mulberry Tree and the secrete release are highly rich with Chlorophyll.
This chlorophyll is responsible for giving green color to leaves. Collected secrete of silk-worms is used for making textile color Leafy Green.
So, this whole process clearly indicates that nature always hint us with the solutions needed, it’s us who need to recognize such hints and to make efforts accordingly for building a safer, healthier and smarter planet without affecting its sustainability.