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Natural Dye Manufacturer & Supplier | GOTS Certified Dyes


This segment includes some Frequently Asked Questions about natural dyes. If you do not get your answer, feel free to reach out for getting more information.

 1. How do we learn the process of dyeing with Natural Dyes?
Ans- We provide soft and hard copy of our natural dyes dyeing processes through which you can learn dyeing processes very easily. In addition to it we also provide full technical support to learn natural dyes dyeing processes in an easy way.

2. Do you provide me onsite support or after sales services within the country or outside the country?
Ans- We will provide all types of support and assistance to our clients after sales. Yes, our services are available in the country and outside the country.

3. Which are the areas where Natural Dyes have better/ more application?
Ans- You can use our natural dyes on almost all natural fibres (cotton, wool, silk, hemp). Though, these provide very good results on to all of these natural fibres, but on wool and silk almost every shade is possible with our natural dyes.

4. Do you help us for doing customized colour matching?
Ans-Yes, we provide help in colour matching and also provide methods of making individual shades and combination of shades with natural dyes.

 5. What is your process for sample order?
Ans- We provide sample pack of 5 natural dyes and 8 auxiliaries. With this sample pack we also provide process of natural dyes dyeing, technical support on phone or e-mail and e-shade card.

6. How can we have your shade card?
Ans-We provide soft copy of shade card to our clients by e-mail, and if client need hard copy of shade card we provide hard copy of shade card too.

7. Do you provide free samples?
Ans-We do not provide free samples, we have sample pack for beginners and for trial purpose.