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Natural Dye Manufacturer & Supplier | GOTS Certified Dyes


India is enjoying the welfare state concept ever since its inception. Therefore, the primary concern of the government is to create the welfare of the people. To eliminate the poverty and for generating an employment, government has been running programmes for alleviation of rural poverty to fulfil the objective of planned development in India.

Natural Dyes utilization for Textile Industry is generating huge employment and livelihood opportunities in the developing countries. For taking care of the rural community at large we AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited emphasized on reduction of pollution load on earth and to provide rural empowerment with employment generation of our every unit sold. It strengthens agricultural practices for sustainable growth and economic development, use of natural dyes also building a strong base for organic farming in our country. 

We follow “Best out of Waste Practice” after extracting dyes from the natural resources. The waste of natural dyes does not lead to the harmful injunction to the environment and we wind up this industrial process of making extract form of natural dyes for industrial consumption as purely an eco friendly activity in which pollution remains zero. “Best out of Waste” practice includes utilization of these natural and organic components by the rural community for its livelihood e.g. organic waste can be used as a domestic fuel supplements for the poor.